In addition to historical and genealogical research, the clan organization works to spread Irish culture, hold family reunions, and promote the position of the historical families and sept organizations within Ireland. Additionally, as an independent sept of the greater O'Neill family, we work to foster ties between ourselves and the rest of our Ulster cousins.  


We are the registered clan in Dublin, Belfast and throughout Ulster. Further, we are recognized in every nation the diaspora moved within the New World. Regardless of your nationality or your link to the family, it is a proud history and heritage, and I encourage you to join us and learn about your McShanes.


Clan Organization:

  • Official name of Clan Organization:
    • The Clan McShane & Johnson
  • Official address of Clan Organization:
    • Carnamoney House, Draperstown BT45 7// CMR 480, Box 3157, APO AE 09128
  • Official e-mail address of Clan Organization:
  • Name of Clan Chief:
    • Jameson Johnson-McShane
  • Officers of the Clan Organization (with titles) (name, town & country):
    • Chieftain - Mr. Patsty McShane, Carnamoney House, Draperstown, Ireland
    • Chieftain - Mr. E. McShane, Broadmarsh House, Hobart, Tasmania, AUS
    • Secretary - Mrs. Marie McShane, Coleraine, Ireland
    • Treasurer - Mrs. Molly Johnson Kaufman, Haddon, England
  • DNA Study Contact person:

Traditional Chiefs of Allied Clans

  • The O’Neill Clanaboy
  • The O’Cahan
  • The MacQuillan of the Route
  • The O'Donnelly, Marshall of Ulster
  • The O'Neill Sleight Arte

The Clan is legally established body in Ireland and the United States with membership in Ireland, UK, Australia, USA, and Canada. Our goals are to:

  1. Promote knowledge of the Clan and Irish history.
  2. Link McShanes and Johnsons around the world.
  3. Build an effective clan organization worldwide.
  4. Share genealogies to help find ancestors
  5. Continue to have reunions throughout the world.


The Clan

The families of McShane, Johnson, and MacSeáin all are inter-related back to Ireland. Other names to include are Shane, MacSeáin, Shand, O'Chane, all theses have ties to McShane.


Mac Shane is a name that came into use in the late 1500s. Shane an Diomas (The Proud) O'Neill was the Prince of Ulster and one of the most important men in Ireland. He was killed in 1567, leaving ten young sons behind to be raised by family. Over the years these sons were surpassed by other O'Neill kinsmen and were on the verge of losing their entire inheritance. In 1585, the sons invaded Ulster with a force of 3000 Scottish warriors. The English and Irish contemporary chroniclers referred to this group of brothers, their soldiers, and the family members who joined their cause as the "Sons of Shane" which in Gaelic translated to the"Mac Shanes". That historical documentation became the birth of our clan as an independent family within the greater O'Neill kingdom of Ulster. After the collapse of the Gaelic leaders in Ulster in 1690, Irish names were often translated. Because the name means "son of John" there have been many family groups that anglicized the name to Johnson to compete in difficult times.


If you are related to one of these families, I encourage you to contact me here at this site. Membership participation is key to our future success. With a growing membership and participation, we too can re-form the family ties our ancestors once knew.


The Armorial Bearings of the Clan “Argent, a dexter hand Gules, couped at the wrist, supported by two lions rampant Gules, claws Azure. Crest: a dexter arm embowed in armour, grasping a sword all proper.”


These arms are based around the Red Hand, the original seal of Aodh Mor recorded in use circa 1320 as the first traditional heraldry in Ulster. These arms were updated in 1542 when Shane’s father had a standard shield and lions added to the Red Hand. In their present form, they were a part of the gifts of Queen Elizabeth I presented Shane an Diomas, the originator of our clan in 1560 and reconfirmed in 1563. They have been varied by the McShanes many times; however, most recently they were recorded and certified for the Chief by the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archeology in this, their most simple and genuine fashion.


Clan History

In general, the Clan McShane is an Ulster clan. The O'Neill Mor ruled all of northern Ireland for centuries. As second and third sons grew up, often Kings would give them Lordships or tracts of land away from the main royal holdings. The McShanes were just such a family.


Clan Items (all of which members are authorized to use, display, or wear)


Three crescents circular, Gules, surmounted by an ancient ducal coronet of shamrocks, surrounded by the McShane War Cry

War Cry:

Bi Ag Feitheamh (Irish, which translates to Anticipate)

Clan Breacan:

Clan McShane (McShane of the Sperrin Mountains, at right)

The Motto

“Nothing Worth Having Comes Easily”

Livery Colors

Green and Gold

Battle Standard

The Rampant Lion grasping the bleeding shamrock

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