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Throughout history,different McShane and Johnson families members have been granted Coats of Arms for personal achievement. I have put together some of the specific grants for Irish, Scots, and English McShanes and Johnsons that are related to us.


It is important to remember that there is no "family coat of arms". Only those people directly descended from an armiger are authorized to bear his arms.


I encourage everyone to pursue a grant of arms for their specific families, and use these arms as historic guides for your own. A simple addition or subtraction on a grant does justice to the history of the family, and still differs them from the original grant.


Upper arms graphic represent:

  1. The arms of Sir Francis Shane, 1600, Ireland
  2. The arms used by the McShanes of Carnamoney.
  3. The arms of the Johnsons of Montana
  4. an unknown grant of McShane arms.


Lower arms graphic represents:

  1. Sir Peter Johnson, KtB, England,
  2. The Earl of O'Neill and of Tir Eoghan (title extinct, now of the O'Neill Mor)

These arms are presented to show the deep history that we as a family have. If you have any interest in receiving a grant of arms for yourself, please contact me or the American College of Heraldry link at the bottom of the first page.


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